Our Mission

The Women’s Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation mobilizes the power of women through collective philanthropy using a strategy of education, grantmaking and endowment building to create a better future for women and their families in the Redding area.

Our Structure

The Women’s Fund is a volunteer-driven organization operating as a Fund and a Program of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation. This structure allows us to determine the best way to respond to our community’s most pressing needs in areas that interest us without taking on the expense of creating and managing a traditional nonprofit.

The Shasta Regional Community Foundation provides the Women’s Fund:

  • A financial “umbrella” for administrative and financial support.
  • Regular contributions to both our grants pool and our endowment.
  • Oversight in managing our Women’s Fund Endowment.

The Women’s Fund is managed by Cabinet Members consisting of volunteers who chair subcommittees that oversee all aspects of the organization. The Cabinet develops, implements and manages all policies and strategies for the Women’s Fund. And importantly, it emphasizes succession planning to encourage the early identification of new and emerging leaders and ensuring seasoned leaders overlap with new ones for smooth transitions each year.

The Cabinet is led by an overall chair and includes the heads of the following subcommittees. Read more about our current leadership.

Our Committees

Plans and coordinates community forums with the goal of increasing public awareness about issues affecting women and families in the Redding area.

Develop and recommend the annual budget, and act as a liaison between The Women’s Fund and the Shasta Regional Community Foundation staff regarding financial matters.

Assume responsibilities for ongoing review and recommendations to enhance the present and future effectiveness of the Cabinet.

Develop and implement the Women’s Fund annual grantmaking process.

Directs the production of print and electronic media, in addition to press releases, invitations, and other publicly-related communications.

Collects and disseminates membership data, and plans membership campaigns and events throughout the year.

Plans and coordinates the spring State of The Fund event and the Fall Annual Event.