Educational Forum: Hope In The Face of Addiction

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Educational Forum: Hope In The Face of Addiction Author: Dana Silberstein, Theresa Flynn Gasman, Janessa Wilder “The opposite of addiction is not sobriety. The opposite of addiction is connection.” These words from the CEO of Hill Country Health and Wellness, Lynn Dorroh, set the tone for a unique evening at the Cascade Theater on Tuesday [...]

Who’s addicted in Shasta County and what are their options? Experts want to fill you in on both

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Once the film is over next week, the audience will be asked a question. Judy Salter will be one of the ones raising her hand, “Yes.” It’ll probably surprise some. After all, Salter is one of the founders of the Women’s Fund, the advocacy group that’s hosting the screening event at the Cascade Theatre October 8. [...]

Educational Forum: “Women and Money: Financial Literacy”

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Women's Fund Fabulous Forum Author: Dana Silberstein Women’s Fund Fabulous Forum “It’s impossible to handle your money, to build a strategy for your financial future, if you won’t open your bank statement.” Trisha Funk made this edifying statement at a fabulous forum on women and money held by the Women’s Fund at the [...]

Educational Forum: “Women in Data Science (WiDS)”

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Educational Forum: "Women in Data Science (WiDS)" Author: Lori McNeill/Laura Christman The Women's Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation is proud to have teamed up with the Society of Women Engineers to bring the Women in Data Science (WiDS) Conference to downtown Redding on March 5. WiDS Redding was a satellite event [...]

Educational Forum: “A New Approach to Juvenile Justice”

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Educational Forum: “A New Approach to Juvenile Justice” Author: Erin Resner/Laura Christman During last week's Educational Forum on Restorative Justice, “A New Approach to Juvenile Justice,” approximately 100 attendees listened while three speakers shared successes of the current programs as well as where we still need to improve regarding juvenile offenders and at-risk [...]