Educational Forum: “A New Approach to Juvenile Justice”

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Educational Forum: “A New Approach to Juvenile Justice” Author: Erin Resner/Laura Christman During last week's Educational Forum on Restorative Justice, “A New Approach to Juvenile Justice,” approximately 100 attendees listened while three speakers shared successes of the current programs as well as where we still need to improve regarding juvenile offenders and at-risk [...]

The Women’s Fund partners in hopes of solving homelessness

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By Laura Christman The hopelessness of homelessness is a tangle of complexities. People sleep on sidewalks, camp under bridges, live in canyons and show up at shelters because they are addicted to alcohol, dependent on drugs, traumatized, impoverished, struggling with an ailing mind or under the weight of other troubles. Instead of trying to fix the problems, what [...]

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