Our Committees

The Women’s Fund is a volunteer-driven membership organization. As a member, you only need to make your annual contribution and hopefully cast your vote. However, there are opportunities to volunteer on the Cabinet and committees if you wish to become more involved with a dynamic group of women who share their expertise to strengthen The Women’s Fund and contribute to a stronger community.

Click on any of the committees below to view current Committee members list. Email us at reddingwomensfund@gmail.com if you have any questions or feel free to reach out to the Committee Chairs listed below for specific questions regarding their Committees.

Love social media, website, and technology? Love to write? To promote? Participate now in telling the heartfelt stories that make The Women’s Fund the unique and giving organization it is.

Natalia Garveynatalia.garvey@gmail.com (Committee Chair)
Aleta Carpenteraletacarpenter@comcast.net
Theresa Flynn Gasman – flynngasman@gmail.com
Noella Pearsonnoella.l.pearson@gmail.com
Christina Prosperichristinahuey83@yahoo.com
Judy Salterjudyesalter@gmail.com
Dana Silbersteindanakennedysilberstein@msn.com
Denise Yergensonyergiemom@gmail.com
Naomi YamamotoNyamamoto.rr@gmail.com

Do you have some great ideas for topics you’d like to see publicly discussed in large community forums? Do you have some experts in mind who could answer questions about pressing issues in the community? Be a part of this vital effort to educate us all on local issues.

Judy Salterjudyesalter@gmail.com (Committee Chair)
Aleta Carpenteraletacarpenter@comcast.net
Andrea Cotaandreacota23@gmail.com
Theresa Flynn Gasmanflynngasman@gmail.com
Susan Wilsonsusanmorriswilson@gmail.com

If you love to plan events, come and plan on a grand scale! Bring your skills, meet fellow event planners, and organize parties to your heart’s content.

Kay Pattenkay.patten@hotmail.com (Committee Chair)
Lori Mathiesenlamathiesen@yahoo.com

Lend a deciding hand when it comes time to make those crucial budget choices.

Cathi Lathrop-Cummingsclcummings@charter.net
Natalia Garvey natalia.garvey@gmail.com

Finance Committee Chair needed, please email us at reddingwomensfund@gmail.com to inquire about joining this Committee!

Would you prefer to help identify the most urgent needs of the community, connect with local nonprofits, and learn about what they do in the community?

Theresa Flynn Gasmanflynngasman@gmail.com (Committee Chair)
Natalia Garveynatalia.garvey@gmail.com
Liz Poolelizspoole@gmail.com
Susan Seamanssusanseamans@charter.net
Dana Silbersteindanakennedysilberstein@msn.com
Barbara Enochianbenochian@hotmail.com

Interested in how organizations are governed? How they establish their rules and what makes them run smoothly? We’re always looking for expertise in guiding and directing our operating policies.

Liz Poolelizspoole@gmail.com (Committee Co-Chair)
Noella Pearsonnoella.l.pearson@gmail.com (Committee Co-Chair)
Theresa Flynn Gasmanflynngasman@gmail.com
Christina Prosperichristinahuey83@yahoo.com
Denise Yergensonyergiemom@gmail.com

If you like hosting small gatherings of women, getting to know new people in the community, and encouraging them to join forces with the giving power of The Women’s Fund, join this committee.

Lori McNeilllori.l.mcneill@gmail.com (Committee Chair)
Sandie Morrisonsandiemorrison@sbcglobal.net
Erica Ogleerica.ogle@ml.com
Kay Pattenkay.patten@hotmail.com
Laura Porziolporzio13@gmail.com
Christina Prosperichristinahuey83@yahoo.com
Cathi Lathrop-Cummingsclcummings@charter.net