Women’s Fund Endowment

The purpose of our endowment is to support the mission of the Women’s Fund on a long-term basis, ultimately serving as an additional source of funds for our annual grant awards. Our members contribute the majority of funds to support the endowment (80% or $800 from each Architect member and 20% or $40 from each Advocate member). The Women’s Fund of the Shasta Regional Community Foundation has also received several generous donations towards the endowment.

The strategic plan of The Women’s Fund, which recognizes the importance of educating its membership in regard to collective giving, included a goal to grow its endowment to $500,000 by fiscal year 2019. Because of the generosity and vision of The Women’s Fund members, the endowment is $564,990 as of December 31, 2017. Now that the initial goal has been met, The Women’s Fund is able to incorporate additional funds from the endowment into its annual grant making.

Refer to our Annual Reports for more information.

2017 Endowment Fund Snapshot

2016 Endowment Fund Snapshot