Your name: George Low

How do we connect with you on social media: Facebook

Your bio: George is a senior engineering geologist with the California Regional Water Quality Control Board. He works to protect the quality of our regional water resources, and spends most of his work day in the office after years of field work for private consulting firms from California to Alaska.

GeorgeLowGeorge grew up in Red Bluff and attended Shasta College while trying out different majors. He graduated from California State University Chico with bachelor’s degrees in both geology and hydrology, and lots of useless knowledge about California geology.

George prefers being outdoors and is one reason he continues to live in the North State. He finds ways to combine being outdoors with his sense of community. For the past five years and counting, he is a volunteer with the Shasta County Search and Rescue Ground Team. Routine GSAR trainings require him to get up early, even on weekends, to sharpen his tracking and rescue skills. It isn’t that impressive. His kids wake him early every day, anyway.

Together with his wife, Catherine, he volunteers his time to provide a healthy environment and safe community for his family and friends. Otherwise, he can be found tinkering on the family’s 1970 Chevelle.