In each of our lives, there have been one or more women on whose shoulders we stand, who have guided us, encouraged us, shown us the way, empowered us, and made an unforgettable impact on our lives.

Members and friends of The Women’s Fund have chosen to recognize their Soulbreathers through a donation/membership to The Women’s Fund. We proudly present these incredible women who have inspired us to be the best we can be.

Judy Lathrop
Sister of Cathi Lathrop-Cummings

Cynny Francisco
Friend of Jenny Abbe

Winelle Rhodes 
Mother of Jean King
Note: To my loving, thoughtful and friend, my mother, Winelle Rhodes

Carrie Govan Skelly
Friend of Theresa Flynn Gasman

Mary R. Pearson
Mother of Noella Pearson
Note: This gift is in memory of my Mother, Mary R. Pearson. Date of Birth: April 10, 1922, Date of Death: December 31, 2001